Magnificent Creatures

Magnificent creatures
Standing by the sea
It reminds me
When it was you and me
Living souls combined
Into a story called love
A chase and the glory
of two bodies detached.
The sand and the sunsets
the drinks and the marks
the power of nature
and the treasure of “last.”
the dream and the unknown
the simple and the truth
some things that I missed
all related to you.
I woke up one day
And the sea disappeared

The mountains had to be climbed
as long as you were here

Your eyes begged me
“it is time to be released”
yet I forgot the spell
that will make you pleased.

I tried my best
to let you free
then I remembered
I didn’t ask you near to be.

I created the feeling
while the feeling created me
the distance was a poem
while the poem was his.

The magic changed meaning
and the meaning changed route
All I wanted was time
whilst time forgot its groove.

I ll give you your freedom
if you give me your time
I will reveal the spell
If you say you’ll be mine

And so goes the riddle like this
The letters you avoid,
and the words you seek
are the ones that can
and will keep you convict.

Go now,
regret what you did
think of us
forget about me.

Now you are free.

Kind Reminder,
come back whereas you see
I am not the one I used to be.


A world that is not explored
By a girl that is not completed
a song that is not being heard
and a life that is not been liven
a writer that is not been read
And a lover that is not forgiven.

A bus to your door
And my heart is beating
A pizza and a song
Two lovers to be committed

A balcony and its door,
A cigarette that is not been given
A breath that is hold
and a boy that is forbidden
A smile you forgot
At the doorstep, while you were leaving.
Bits of advice you give
But you are not a keeper.
Beats of music you create
But you are not a singer.
Stay tuned to these false beliefs
While these words are written
These make us equal guilt
of the truths that have been hidden.
Flashes of lights guide my way
To some whys I was believing;
the whys were up to me
while my smile was driven.
the truths were blames;
nothing to do with you
I lost my space and all of my youth
While I could have simply said:
I should have searched for you!

The love I was chasing
was the love of me
and when I found it
I missed you, you see.
That is when I knew
you are someone I want to keep
but those days are gone
and so are you so to speak
I hope you understand
and you might slightly think of me
but most of all
I hope you’ll find me
inside of these
letters that are not received
or even sent to you by me.
because that would make them real
and reality hides behind the promises we didn’t keep.
Having you was ruless
Having you was art.
After a while
I managed to be me without you
and ever since I am hating me for that.

Message to me

Take the pieces from my floor
I cannot stand looking at you no more
I avoid the reflections of my soul
Or someone I used to love.
I miss the days I was alone
I was happy handling a remote
I was innocent and self-devote
I was me and no us, you know
I was the boss of me living without rules
I was a young girl who treated everybody as fools
I was a thief that stole all the truths
From people not knowing I was up to no goods
I was a somebody I wanted to meet
But there is nobody like me
I was a pure control freak
And I miss having the power to speak
I was me and the world beneath
I was a queen with a crown on top of a hill
I was standing on the edge of it
Until I fell and start feeling like you feel
Competitive, stubborn and a Dorian Grey bliss
Knowing it all, and being inadequate in each
Being you is hard
You contain memories I do not need to release
I have to follow the path I lost
And find the strength to begin
I have to know what to expect
But above all, I have to know what I deserve
Have to book a seat to the flight
Of the shitty policy of life-reserved
I started looking at your pieces
And this is what I reached
The pieces were mine so to speak
And the reflection was an old lady with my characteristics in it
Was it a drawing or pieces of me?
Is it a reflection or you I hate least?
Is it me I am talking all along, or have I hated you more than you know?
Can you help me release the feeling I have
Or should I collect the pieces and make a puzzle?


Poor me one drink
and say my name
poor me some lies
and drink some more
watch your phone while we are talking
respond to the message you just got
watch the time
and leave
Grab the handle
open the door
abandon me in fear
of not having you no more
Let me standing
naked from words
for letting you go
and for all.
I have to drink some more
Don’t get in touch with me
and say you are busy when I do
Don’t flirt with me
and say you never loved me
“I misunderstood”
Don’t love me
Even if I beg you to
Do take me for granted
And make me believe
You might be
The man I dreamed of
Do curse my life
to never love again
but please come once more
and mesh with me
Come one more night
poor me one drink
And let our eyes speak.
While you are holding me.
At least,
Promise that you’ll stay
In order to hurt me more
I have to drink some more


First laugh
First promise
Last love
Last kiss
A world of dancers
Just you and me
A life of changes
And a summer in Greece
A workaholic
And his carryings
A woman
And her needs
A love that is endless
A life of me
A song I wrote
That is worst than shit
A dream I am creating
Based on your lips
A string that is playing
As my tears splish
A life of fame
For you I dream
To be loved instead
Of loving me
I am not a giver
Or someone you need
I am someone who passes
And unexpectedly leaves
I am a mother
I am a child
I belong to someone
Who will make me bleed
You deserve a smile
That wont disappear
You belong in the night
That holds your beliefs
You are now in gray
The man of my dreams
The sunlight
In the tales I speak
The rise of your eyes
A flame they release
That warms the night
In the cave of dreams
I promise I wont hold back
And I will let you be
If you promise you wont forget
The first day that we meet
The smile that you gave me
And the kiss on my cheek
The love that I imagined
Let our story begin

Not Making Sense

Buttons of colors
Colors of rain
Rain of decisions
Decisions will be made
Balloons of clouds
Clouds of options
Options of numbers
Numbers of blames
Circles of triangles
Triangles of rivers
Rivers of the desert
Desert of my mind
Curtains of wisdom
Wisdom of shame
Shame of truth
Truth in my veins
Blood of flags
Flags of ruins
Ruins of tales
tales of you
Soldier of the night
night of remembering
remembering of love
love of you

One night like all the rest

One night like all the rest
one night with you
one night to remember
one night to live for
one night I’ve dreamed upon
one night that happened
one night re-winded
each time the sun comes down
that one night arises
that one night with you
The day that the night will become the morning
madness will have hit me
is where I’ll be hallucinating
For now, I just live in the past
Stuck in denial of that one night
The night I had the chance to spend with you
one night with you
every night of my life
the night that couldn’t disappoint me
is that one night
the night you were with me
the night to remember
the night to live for
I am drinking to celebrate
that one night with you
one night to remember
one night to recall
to the night that happened once
to that night with you
Here is a cheers to those who believe
to those who remember
to those who wish
to those who rewind
yet mainly to those who live
one night with you